Rare Hindu Worship Bronze Holy Water Pot (Kindi) from India. Beautiful Patina

By Pankaj • Antiques • 22 Apr 2012


This beautifully crafted Holy Water container, known as a “Kindi” in India, is a very special pot that is used by Hindus when performing puja (worship). Pots such as these are used to hold and dispense holy water (usually water from the holly river Ganges – “Gangajal”) during religious ceremonies, weddings and other occasions as a symbol for purity, blessing and cleansing of the soul.

This particular piece is a genuinely old one (circa 1920) and is rare as it is made of Bronze (an alloy of copper and other metals). The pot is handmade and has a spout that is shaped like an elephant’s trunk.┬áThe piece has aged very beautifully and has a lovely patina.

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