Bronze Gajalakshmi Oil Lamp

By Pankaj • Antiques • 21 Apr 2012

This is a highly ornate bronze oil lamp from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. This lamp is a genuinely old and rare piece from circa 1910. The beautiful hand-worked engravings of the Hindu Goddess Laxmi adorn this beautiful lamp. The quality of workmanship is from the bygone eras.

Lamps such as these are used in Hindu homes and temples on festivals and special occasions. In some homes they are lit every evening at dusk before lighting up any other light.

These lamps are often termed as Gajalakshmi lamps. Gaja in Sanskrit means “Elephant” and these lamps always depict a seated Laxmi with two elephants besides her. Sometimes they are also called as “Deepalakshmi”, “Deep” in Sanskrit means “Lamp”.

Lighting these lamps is considered auspicious and sacred in the Hindu customs. It is believed that lighting these lamps brings prosperity and wealth into homes. It is also symbolic of removing “darkness” from one’s life.

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